We are committed to providing all users with a positive experience in using our site. 

Our organizational philosophy includes a section on Customer focus first which says: 

  • We aim to provide the best possible user experience by putting the interests of our users first.
  • It is only through excellent user experiences that visitors will come back and tell their friends.
  • By always putting the visitors first we can be: The best place to shop online. 

We want to be known as a service that: 

  • Provides a Hassle Free Return Policy
  • Makes it easy for people to find their perfect product 
  • Provides a secure, easy-to-use online product 
  • Responds to suggestions from customers to improve our site 
  • Is solution-oriented and works with our users to address problems 
  • Provides fantastic customer service and sets an example in this way 
  • Is courteous and professional at all times 
  • Is consistent in our responses and the information we provide 
  • Listens to our customers and takes all issues seriously 
  • Apologizes when appropriate and is not afraid to acknowledge when we have messed up 
  • Responds to every email we receive, and provides helpful and timely responses 
  • Goes the extra mile – always asking ‘what else can I do?’ and ‘how can I do more?” 
  • Delivers on its promises 
  • Fixes everything twice – once when the problem first occurs and second by finding a way to stop the problem happening again



Everyone can expect: 

  • Courteous, professional and enthusiastic staff 
  • Staff with the knowledge, authority and responsibility to deal with your enquiries or to be able to refer you to someone who has. 
  • A solution-oriented focus when dealing with your questions and a commitment to working with you. 
  • Confidentiality and respect for your privacy 
  • All emails and phone calls will receive a prompt response in line with our standards 
  • Clear and accurate information, and an easy-to-use service 


Everyone can help us by: 

  • Ask us first if you have any questions, don't assume your problem can't be solved 
  • Telling us as soon as possible of any problems or potential problems 
  • Treating our staff courteously 
  • Providing feedback to enable us to improve our service 
  • Providing accurate information in your dealings with us 
  • Working with us to solve any problems you may have.